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Rsearchers Refine 90% Accurate Metabolic Alzheimer’s Detection

Posted on Nov 12, 2012 4:56:33 PM by healtheo360

When it comes to management and detection of Alzheimer’s, procedures often boil down to a scramble to note as many warning signs as early as possible in hopes preemptively seeking treatment. Because of this, researchers are constantly looking into new methods of early Alzheimer’s detection. Thanks to a research team at Tel Aviv University, likeliness and progress of Alzheimer’s can now be measured metabolically with 90% accuracy!

According to PhD candidate Shiri Stempler of Tel Aviv University, before any symptoms of Alzheimer’s become apparent, multiple metabolic processes have already begun to alter the brain. Shiri, along with Dr. Eytan Ruppin and Dr. Lior Wolf have developed models that utilizes metabolic information to forecast the stage of Alzheimer’s. What is more exciting is that these models were over 90% accurate in forecasting Alzheimer’s stage.

Recently published in Neurobiology of Aging, TAU’s research is a massive step in the direction of identifying markers that are conducive to fast, accurate, and early detection with a non-invasive blood test.

Stempler says that "the correlation between metabolic gene expression and cognitive score in Alzheimer's patients is even higher than the correlation we see in medical literature between beta amyloid plaques - found in deposits in the brains of Alzheimer's patients - and cognitive score, pointing to a strong association between cognitive decline and an altered metabolism."

While it is still unclear whether the metabolic shifts are a symptom or a cause of Alzheimer’s, the connection is incredibly encouraging.

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