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Parents: Are your children being deprived of their sleep?

Posted on Jul 9, 2015 4:04:27 PM by healtheo360

D0 you know if your child is getting enough sleep at night? Many children stay up watching television late at night, and then are extremely tired during the day. Some children may be studying or doing their homework late at night, and some parents are not aware that their children aren’t sleeping. The h360 team has put together a few signs and tips for sleep deprivation in children.


Sleep Deprivation Signs in Children

• Poor reaction times to conversations or surrounding situations
• Feeling tired or drowsy
• Having a hard time waking up in the morning
• Having difficulty paying attention
• Falls asleep spontaneously during the day

Constant Bedtime Routine

During the summer, since school is over and there is no homework or studying. Many children tend to stay up late pass their bedtime, which results in them not getting the right amount of sleep throughout the night. It is suggested that children stick to their bedtime as well as their routine that they do during the school year, so they will not lose any sleep through the night.

Set the Rules

Rules are the best way to have authority over the amount of sleep that your child gets during the night. Make sure to always remind your child or children how much time they have left to use their electronic devices, watch television, or anything that might distract from going to bed on time.

Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine is something all parents wished their children didn’t have access to, whether it’s through candy or even through drinks. Try to avoid giving caffeine to your children as much as possible, especially before bedtime.

Setting a Comfortable Sleep Environment

Having a comfortable sleep environment, for your child is key to a good night's rest. Many children will not go to sleep if they hear the television or loud music playing. Make their rooms more comfortable, by playing a few lullabies or have the room quiet with no distractions.

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