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How to Relieve Stress for Summer

Posted on Aug 22, 2014 3:07:42 PM by healtheo360

Change causes stress, even the good change of summer vacation! Here are some tips on how to relieve the stress of a new summer schedule.

How to Relieve Stress for Summer


Regular exercise is a way to relieve stress. Try meditation or yoga during the summer months. Even a nice walk can make the stress disappear. Exercising outside is awesome in the summer because the sun and fresh air help you feel relaxed. Plus it’s summertime, who doesn’t want to be outside!

The summer months can be busy; don’t forget to find a time to relax. Enjoy a good book and cup to tea. Avoid the TV unless there is a specific program that you want to see. The TV stimulates your brain more than relaxes it.

Pick up a hobby this summer such as barbecuing or gardening. Repetitive actions, such as the actions of these hobbies, keep your hands busy and settle your mind.

If you are working this summer, try to take off a few Mondays or Fridays. This will allow you to go on a mini vacation without getting too behind in work. When you’re home from work for the evening or for a day, schedule a time to check emails and do work related activities. If you are answering emails all day, you won’t be able to fully spend time with friends and family.

If the stress does get to you, try one of these three methods to feel relaxed:
1.Rip a piece of paper up. The tearing noise is satisfying and gives you something to focus on. You release tension without causing harm to anyone or anything.
2.Tell someone a joke. Laughing releases feel-good endorphins and makes you feel better.
3.Think of something peaceful. Picture something that makes you feel good, close your eyes and breathe. You will feel a sense a calm, which means a happier you.

Summer stress can be prevented if a few precautions are taken. Get plenty of sleep and set up a sleep schedule, exercise at least 5 times a day through out the week, get up and take a break if you are working at a desk, walk away from emotional situations until you’ve calmed down. These are just a few of the many things you can do to prevent summertime stress.

Summer is a fun time. If you are feeling stressed, use these methods to relieve it before it becomes too much.

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