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Taking a Look at the Future of Telenursing

Posted on Aug 2, 2017 2:13:16 AM by healtheo360

Technology is changing the world every minute and the world of nursing is no exception. If you are abreast of the latest changes in the medical world, you may already be familiar with telemedicine. Telemedicine is basically the term used for providing medical services remotely through the internet and various interfaces, mainly mobile devices. But, telemedicine is set to completely transform the job of nurses in the near future. Let’s take a closer look at the future of telenursing.

What is Telenursing?

Telenursing is actually a portmanteau of telehealth and nursing. It revolves around nurses providing a wide variety of service through the many internet connected devices available today. Telenursing can also mean monitoring patients at distance with the use of technology, such as wearables for instance.

Telenursing is now considered as a legitimate specialty in nursing and we can expect it to have applications in nurse management as well. One of the major roles of nurse managers is to coordinate and manage cases. Telehealth will transform how cases are handled and we can expect institutions to integrate it as part of their curriculum in the future. Nurse managers from Duquesne University are leading the future drive towards technological solutions.

Telehealth will also have a huge effect on the function of FNPs and DNPs. When we compare FNP vs DNP positions, those who will be most directly affected will be the FNPs, since they’re the ones who have a more direct contact with patients. FNPs might be asked to perform remote physical exams in the future or provide patient education at distance for instance, which could completely transform their functions and working environment.


What are the Benefits of Telenursing

Telenursing will allow nurses to assist their patients remotely and manage their medical needs. They will also be able to provide counseling, assist people dealing with chronic illness and coordinate care between them and other healthcare professionals. Also, telehealth will allow nurses to share information on patients with other departments through teleconference.

While some people may think that telemedicine will be less personal, it will be quite the opposite. Switching patients will be done at the touch of the button, which will diminish legwork and reduce the burden on nurses. Complications will be diagnosed quicker through remote monitoring and it will prevent re-hospitalization as well.

What are the Disadvantages of Telenursing

While the future of telenursing is promising, some have raised concerns about the practice. Notably about malpractice and communication issues. Telenursing comes with higher risk of miscommunication between patients and nurses, which could lead to complications if certain instructions are not conveyed properly. And, in the case of complications, the patient will not have the luxury of having a nurse on hand. Very few cases of malpractice have been filed so far, but it does remain a concern.

Telehealth and Telenursing are set to transform the way healthcare is administered in the near future. We can expect telemedicine to become more and more ubiquitous and many healthcare institutions have started using remote monitoring devices and other telehealth devices. We can expect the nurses of tomorrow to be as tech savvy as they are health savvy.

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