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The Link Between Weight Fluctuation and Personality Changes Solidifies

Posted on May 8, 2013 5:08:04 PM by healtheo360

According to a new study published by Psychological Science, individuals who gain weight more easily seem to be more likely to give into temptation but also seem to be more thoughtful about their actions.

In order to gain more insight to how body weights may or may not relate to personality traits, Dr. Angelina Sutin of Florida State University’s College of Medication and a team from the National Institute of Health looked into the data from studies of Baltimore residents.

"We know a great deal about how personality traits contribute to weight gain," commented Sutin. "What we don't know is whether significant changes in weight are associated with changes in our core personality traits. Weight can be such an emotional issue; we thought that weight gain may lead to long-term changes in psychological functioning."

The studies from which the data was collected, Baltimore Epidemiologic Catchment Area and the NIH's Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging, studied nearly 2,000 people of all socioeconomic standings and ages.  Over a decade, data was collected pertaining to the participants’ personalities and weight.

Sutin and her team discovered that people who shown at least a ten percent in weight also showed a measurable increase in impulsiveness compared to participants who maintained a stable weight. While the data does not suggest a direct cause and effect between these two data points, it does demonstrate a relationship between psychology and physiology.

Interestingly enough, folks who gained weight also demonstrated a greater tendency to think through their decisions and overall showed more deliberation. While an increase in deliberation over time is standard across the board, the increase constantly doubled for the participants who gained weight.

"If mind and body are intertwined, then if one changes the other should change too," Sutin stated. "That's what our findings suggest."

While weight gain may lead to more deliberation, it also unfortunately leads to multiple negative health conditions. Individuals struggling with weight or who are in need of diabetes support should work with their healthcare professionals to find a solution hat works best for them.

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