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Tips for Summer Pregnancy

Posted on Aug 26, 2014 10:11:21 AM by healtheo360

Summer can be hot and humid.  This is even worse if you are pregnant.  Although summer feels miserable when pregnant, the warm weather does have its benefits.   Delivering the baby in a warm month means both mother and child will be able to get fresh air, which can be very important.  Here are some tips for summer pregnancy.

Tips for Summer Pregnancy

While the thought of going outside may seem like the worst idea ever, there are ways to stay cool and healthy while outdoors.  Go outside in the morning or evening when the sun is lower and therefore the temperature is lower.  This is a way to avoid humidity as well.  Wear light-colored clothing as well as very few layers.  Also apply the appropriate amount of sunscreen through out the day.  Due to the pregnancy, it is a good idea to use a higher SPF than you would use during a normal summer.

Drink liquids to remain hydrated.  This an be any kind of cold drink as long as it does contain alcohol.  Water is always healthy and so is orange juice and sports drinks.  Carry a spray bottle with you to keep cool.  You can also take quick showers through out the day to keep cool. Pressing a cool, damp washcloth to the forehead or back of neck is a good way to keep the body temperature down.

Swimming is a very good summer activity for pregnant women.  The water keeps you cool and floating on your back takes pressure off of the sciatic nerve.  Ocean swimming is also okay as long as the waves aren’t big enough to knock you around.

Relax a bit during the summer days.  Clear your calendar.  If a task doesn’t need to be completed immediately it can probably wait.  Take frequent naps and ask for help if you are feeling too tired to do certain tasks or run errands.  It also helps to elevate the feet to help reduce swelling.

The summer heat is manageable when you follow tips for pregnant women.  You too can have a great summer outdoors!

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