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Tips for Summer Depression

Posted on Aug 13, 2014 10:18:21 AM by healtheo360

While summer may be a relaxing and joyous time for many, others may experience summer time depression. Seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD, affects nearly 4-6% of the U.S. population. SAD is usually prominent when the days get shorter or colder, or winter. Some people experience SAD in the reverse, experiencing it in the summer months. If you are feeling gloomy during the summer, here are some tips to consider.

Tips for Summer Depression


Tips for Summer Depression #1: Schedules are disrupted and different in the summer. Having a good schedule is often a good way to fight off the symptoms of summer depression. Routines during the summer can be hard. Children can be home all day long and looking to be entertained or the house can feel cluttered when college age students move back home for the summer. Summer schedules disrupt eating and sleeping patterns. Make a summer schedule that allows you to have some quiet, alone time. They might be going for a walk, reading a book or enjoying a movie. Try to get the same amount of sleep every night. If feeling depressed, you may feel the need to sleep all day just to pass the time. Getting too many hours of sleep won’t help depression and may make you feel worse in the long run.

Tips for Summer Depression #2: A lot of people feel uncomfortable during the summer because of body image issues. The days get warmer and layers of clothing are no longer comfortable to wear. Summer clothing might make you feel uncomfortable because it doesn’t seem to cover much. Don’t focus on feeling bad about your body, instead focus on being the best version of yourself. Find clothes that you are comfortable with.

Tips for Summer Depression #3: Don’t focus on what others are doing during the summer. Some people begin to feel depression when they read stories on social media about fabulous vacations everyone else is taking. You may begin to resent the people in your office who are taking vacations and leaving you with all the work. Ignore what other people are doing and focus on yourself! Take a vacation. Plan a fabulous trip on your budget. People tend to exaggerate on social media so don’t take what they say to heart. Plan a vacation that you and your loved ones will enjoy and don’t compare it to what everyone else is doing.

Tips for Summer Depression #4: Summer is welcome for some people while others feel the summer heat can become constraining. They feel limited in what they can do during the summer months because they don’t like the summer sun. Staying indoors and becoming isolated from other people can contribute to summer depression. Its easy to work around the sun. Go for a walk or exercise in the morning before the humidity sets in. Spend some time in the water, it will feel refreshing. You can also spend time in the shade relaxing with a cool drink.

Depression is not limited to a certain time of year and can affect all kinds of people. Depression is serious and should be addressed appropriately and immediately. If feeling the onset of summer depression, try these summer tips.

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