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Tips to Stay Healthy on Vacation

Posted on Jul 24, 2014 4:57:27 PM by healtheo360

Vacation is a perfect way to unwind and relax during the summer. Vacation can also make you uneasy about eating. If you are trying to eat healthy or lose weight, vacations can be a bit stressful. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Follow these tips to stay healthy on vacation.


Tips to Stay Healthy on Vacation

  1. When traveling pack your own snacks. Whether taking a road trip or traveling through the airport, unhealthy snack options are all around. By packing your own snacks, you can avoid the convenience stores. This will save money and calories.
  2. Shop at the farmers market or supermarket. Here you can pick up some healthy food options as an alternative to going out to eat for every meal.
  3. Eat healthy options at the breakfast or lunch buffet. If you are staying at a hotel or resort that serves a complimentary breakfast or lunch, use this time to eat fruits and vegetables. You will start your day with a healthy meal and get in important nutrients before eating out for the rest of the day.
  4. Chose sit-down restaurants over fast food places. This may take longer but the meal options will generally be healthier. Here you will have the option to choose between fried or grilled, substitute salads for fries and select smaller portions.
  5. Eat at local restaurants. Chose places that are native to the vacation spot. Food that doesn’t have to travel long distances typically retains more nutrients than food that travels miles to get to a restaurant. Local restaurants will also often have meal options that are healthier because they may focus on local vegetables, fruits and meats.
  6. Chose fish, grilled meats, salads and sandwiches as entrees. Choosing these options over fried foods and foods with cream sauces will cut down on calories.
  7. Share your entree with someone or request half of the portion size. Often at restaurants the meal portions are significantly more than a person needs. Even if the food isn’t the healthiest option, eating less of it will be okay.
  8. Allow a splurge every now and again. It’s vacation so you are allowed to have a treat! Just remember moderation is key. Choose things that you can’t find at home, such as a specialty desert or drink. Skip unnecessary calories that you can eat anywhere, like a diner roll. Stick to one treat a day.
  9. Drink water often. Chances are you are spending a lot of your day walking or spending your time in the sun. This can dehydrate you and its important to keep drinking water. Bring water with you through out the day and ordering water at a restaurant can be a healthier option and save some money as well.
  10. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Often you get into the “I’m on vacation!” mode and splurge at every meal. Don’t get in this habit and stop eating when you feel comfortably full.

Other tips to stay healthy on vacation are to make time for exercise. Chances are you are doing a lot of walking and sight seeing, but you can also make time for other exercise. Go on a hike or play a game of basketball or tennis at the resort if available to you. Don’t turn down a local cuisine based on what you think is healthy. Cultural views on health are different so it never hurts to try. You're on vacation so have fun! Just be conscious of your eating patterns. You’ll be able to have a great time without gaining a few extra pounds while following these tips to stay healthy on vacation.

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