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Top Bizarre or Odd Diet Trends

Posted on Sep 17, 2014 10:06:08 AM by healtheo360

Americans will go to extreme lengths to shed some pounds fast. Here are some of the top bizarre or odd diet trends that happened over the years. When you think you heard it all—you haven’t.

Bizarre or Odd Diet Trends

· Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Before each meal, drink 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar that can help cravings. Doctors are saying there might be weight loss because the cider will ruin your appetite. Be careful of apple cider vinegar diet pills! The acidic pills can cause harm to your internal organs.

· Shangri-la Diet

Seth Roberts, a psychology professor, claims eating bland foods can curb your appetite. He suggests drinking olive oil an hour before each meal can prevent overeating.

· Cotton Balls

Some models and dancers eat cottons to “feel” full. David Edelson, M.D, says cotton balls are not digestible and can do serious harm to the digest system. Substitute with low carbs snacks that have nutrient value.

· Tapeworm Diet

The tapeworm has been the most talked about fad diet, mostly because of how gross it is. When swallowed live, the worm attaches to a persons intestines and eat all necessary nutrients—causing weight loss. The worm can grow up to 25 feet long and even reproduce!

· Breatharianism

Breatharianism was almost like a religion. Devotees believe the sun and spirituality was all that was needed to live—which could lead to starvation. However, some reporters have seen some followers eat junk food.

· The Freegan Diet

Believers of this diet use only passed down products and discarded feed; meaning eating food found in trash, leftovers, and wild plants. Doctors say there’s nothing unhealthy about this lifestyle—just a little unsanitary.

· The Inuit Meat-and- Fat Diet

An arctic explorer, Stefansson said while living the northern tundra, he was amazed at how healthy Inuit people were, by just eating raw fish, whale blubber, and almost no fruits or veggies. He tried the diet himself and was declared healthy.

· Fletcherizing

Horace Fletcher, an art dealer, lost 40 pounds after chewing his food and not swallowing it. He believed the juices contained nutrients without eating the fat—solid part. This diet did promote eating slowly to avoid overeating.

· The Last-Chance Diet

Robert Linn, M.D created this diet in the 1970’s and claimed that people who ate nothing but his elixir called Prolinn, a few times a day would lose weight. The elixir was made from animal hides, tendons, and slaughterhouse products—no wonder several died.

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