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5 Ways Friends Keep You Healthy

Posted on Dec 12, 2014 12:20:57 PM by healtheo360

Friends are the best, aren’t they? They make you laugh, keep you grounded, and love you when you might not deserve it that day. Your friends also have an important impact on your life and on your health. For reasons you might not even have known, there are many ways friends keep you healthy—and living a longer life! Here are just a few of the many reasons to keep your friends close:

Ways Friends Keep You Healthy

Ways Friends Keep You Healthy #1. You will be less likely to get sick when around friends

Being around people builds up your immune system. Also loneliness has been linked to a lack of killer T cells, which are used to fight viral infections. Hanging out with friends and having a close network will keep you happier and boost cells to fight infections.

Ways Friends Keep You Healthy# 2. Sleep will improve after spending more time with friends

Feeling isolated from friends and those around you can make you a restless sleeper. Poor sleeping habits can be detrimental to your health, so having strong ties with friends can be another way to keep sleeping soundly.

Ways Friends Keep You Healthy #3. Friends keep you calm

Life can be stressful and sometimes there is no group better than your friends to stay relaxed. Spending time with friends (especially women with other women) releases more oxytocin, a hormone that gives off a calming effect. Next time after a stressful day, call a friend and grab a drink or cup of coffee instead of staying at home alone.

Ways Friends Keep You Healthy #4. Friends keep you sharper

Having strong friendships and social connections has been linked to a decrease in cognitive decline later in life. Having friends keeps you sharper for longer. One study even shows having close friends as you age cuts cognitive decline by 70%.

Ways Friends Keep You Healthy #5. You will live longer if you have a close group of friends

The good news about having close friends is that it will help you live longer! Research shows that having close friends helps you live a healthier lifestyle and stay emotionally healthy. They also can help you eat better and exercise—all-important for living a long life!

So keep your friends close, not just because you love them, but because you guys can keep each other living longer, happier lives!

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