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Whole Milk Studies Reveal Surprising Finding

Posted on Feb 23, 2014 5:30:03 PM by healtheo360

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iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Got whole milk? If so, you might be doing your body a favor without realizing it, considering that many are under the impression that milk with more fat leads to weight gain.

In fact, the opposite might be true, according to studies conducted by European researchers.

Swedish scientists who examined middle-aged men over a 12-year span discovered that they were less inclined to pack on the pounds by consuming whole milk, cream, and butter than others who eschewed these products.

Separately, a European review of 16 studies concluded that the risk of obesity drops when people include high-fat dairy products in their diets while another study showed that youngsters who drank low-fat milk were more prone to weight gain.

What accounts for these seemingly implausible findings? It may be as simple as dairy products higher in fat fill people up, making them less likely to eat more.

Meanwhile, the National Dairy Council explains that bioactive substances in the milk fat may burn off body fat.

One caveat: the saturated fat in whole milk is not so great for the heart, particularly when one has a high cholesterol count to begin with.

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