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Winter Running: 4 Essentail Tips

Posted on Jan 20, 2015 11:10:52 AM by healtheo360

If you love running outside, it might be difficult during the winter. You may have to resort to running on the dreaded treadmill. However, if you do a little planning ahead, you can still get an efficient run outdoors!


Winter Running- 4 Essential Tips

4 Essential Winter Running Tips #1- Dress in layers

If you are planning to run outside for a long time, you may need to dress in layers to keep the body warm. Polyester, wool, and silk are all lightweight fabrics that won’t weigh you down and make a great base layer. Wool is naturally odor resistant and is a popular choice. Jackets, gloves, ear muffs or fleeces will also help keep you warm during your run.

4 Essential Winter Running Tips #2- Choose the right shoes and socks

When running outside in the snow, pay attention to the surface to avoid any injuries. Proper footwear should include tread patterns of the sole that will help with slippery sidewalks. The shoes should feel comfortable when running and warm socks, such as wool ones will keep your feet warm.

4 Essential Winter Running Tips #3- Stay hydrated!

Even with the cold, the body needs to stay hydrated and hydrating before a run is important. The body can lose water from the cold air you exhale; so don’t forget to drink water because it’s cold outside!

4 Essential Winter Running Tips #4- Play it safe

When running outside in cold conditions, it can become demanding for your body. If you know you can’t make it back, don’t run too far. Stay close to a warm location. Avoid icy pathways and always be prepared for unstable surface conditions. Due to daylight savings time, the day will get darker sooner, so wearing reflective strips on your vest can help avoid any accidents!

If running on the treadmill isn’t you, remember these tips for winter running and have a safe run!


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