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World Sleep Day - March 18, 2016

Posted on Mar 16, 2016, 2:03:48 PM by healtheo360

What Is World Sleep Day?

World Sleep Day is an annual event organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) since 2008.  Its purpose is to celebrate the benefits of good and healthy sleep and to draw society’s attention to the burden of sleep problems and their medicine, education, social aspects, and driving; as well as to promote the prevention and management of sleep disorders.

world sleep day

“Good Sleep Is a Reachable Dream”

 WSD has launched the slogan for 2016: “Good sleep is a reachable dream.”  The slogan is purposefully broad in meaning to allow the celebration of a large diversity of activities surrounding the message that sleep maladies can be ameliorated, but recognition has to come first.  The slogan allows for both adult and pediatric themes, as well as topics of insomnia and hypersomnia, parasomnias and circadian dysrhythmias.  There is virtually no limit to the variety of programs that can be linked to WSD 2016.

Resources and Statistics

 World Sleep Day features various events, discussions, presentations, exhibitions, etc. held around the world and online.  They are held to raise public awareness of social, medical, and educational aspects of sleep problems.  Sleep prevention are paid particular attention and international health organizations remind people about the problems of lack of sleep and insomnia, calling humanity to a healthy way of life.  More than 10% of the population of developed countries suffer from insomnia, and nearly every second person on Earth has one or more symptoms of sleep disorders.  World Sleep Day helps not only raise awareness of sleep disorders, it also constitutes that problems of sleep have reached the level of a global epidemic and it threatens health and quality of life of as much as 45% of world’s population.

world sleep day

Past WSD Slogans

2008: “Sleep well, live fully awake”
2009: “Drive alert, arrive safe”
2010: “Sleep well, stay healthy”
2011: “Sleep well, grow healthy”
2012: “Breathe easily, sleep well”
2013: “Good sleep, healthy aging”
2014: “Restful sleep, easy breathing, healthy body”
2015: “When sleep is sound, health and happiness abound”

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