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Yoga for Beginners: Tips for a Successful Home Yoga Practice

Posted on Sep 5, 2013 12:40:18 PM by healtheo360

Yoga For Beginners: A First-Timer's Guide

Yoga has become a fast-growing trend in the last 15 years, exploding onto the national scene with an influx of books, diets, programming and the like all centering around the ancient practice. Its importance in healthcare has obviously not gone unnoticed and there have been many studies showing the lasting benefits of adding yoga to your lifestyle. Below are a few tips to ease your way into the world of home yoga for beginners.

Yoga for beginners

Don't Be Scared...Try Yoga

yoga for beginnersGoing to a yoga class, though, might be plainly frightening if it’s your first time delving into the world of Downward Dog and Lord of the Dance. Some of these positions are reminiscent of something you might see in Cirque de Soleil and you may have given up altogether even attempting to explore the healing affects yoga can have on your body. Yoga is considered a complementary medicine practice and is a more attainable exercise than you think, so have no fear! Beginning yoga can be an exciting experience.


Do Your Homework

There are a myriad of materials both on and offline to read and watch to help you begin your journey into Hatha Yoga. Make sure you purchase a good yoga mat and wear clothes you feel comfortable in within which you can move with fluidity. There are many types of yoga, but the one that is the most recognizable and practiced by most people in the US is Hatha - a sect of yoga that focuses on the physical and mental aspects of self.

Listen To Your Body

yoga for beginners

Starting by doing less strenuous positions to ease your body into different movements is key. Always be mindful of how your body reacts to certain poses and try not to push yourself too hard in the beginning.

Best Place To Practice

You should find a “sacred” spot in the house for your yoga sessions, making sure the space is clean and makes you feel at ease. Some people like to light incense or play soft music while practicing, but those additions are completely up to the individual.


Consult Your Doctor

yoga for beginners

Though,  yoga is not for everyone. If you have certain medical conditions you should consult with your doctor before diving into the Plow Pose. Some of these situations include uncontrollable blood pressure, people with higher risks for blood clots, eye conditions,  late stages of osteoporosis, pregnancy, and severe issues with balance to name a few. You might be able to do some yoga but may be restricted from doing certain poses. Don't be discouraged, just consult your physician!

Yoga is such a wonderful way to stay in shape if you’re not keen on jumping around and punching air vigorously. There is an element of innate calm that comes with practicing yoga. It is never too late to try new things, and yoga is a fantastic stress-reliever.

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