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Your Food Takes More Antibiotics Than You [infographic]

Posted on Feb 13, 2013 1:22:12 PM by healtheo360

Food and AntibioticsConcerned about the amount of antibiotics used on your food in the cattle and poultry industries? Perhaps you are not concerned enough.

Out of the total 37.6 million pounds of antibiotics sold in 2011 in the U.S., 80% (or 29.9 million pounds) was sold for meat and poultry production. This is a stark contrast to the 20% sold to treat people who are sick.

In fact,  because of overuse the antibiotics are becoming increasingly less effective at killing the very germs they are purposed for. 78% of U.S. turkeys are resistant to at least one type of antibiotic and 50% of turkeys are resistant to three or more antibiotics. Whats more, over 12% of U.S. turkeys are still contaminated with Samonella in spite of such widespread antibiotics use.

As for chicken, the stats are just as startling. 72% of chickens are resistant to one type of antibiotic and 60% are resistant to three or more antibiotics.

Additionally, recent studies Dr. Martin Blaser of New York University Langone Medical suggest that eating meat heavy in antibiotics leads to obesity and diabetes.


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