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The Importance of Clinical Trials in Breast Cancer Treatment

Posted on Jan 27, 2020 1:59:11 PM by Team healtheo360

Breast cancer care options continue to advance through clinical trials. Each clinical trial has a specific topic of focus. Healthcare professionals serve women’s specific needs or stage of development with new forms of treatment and medical devices.  

Joining a trial does not have to be a last resort of health care. Many people join clinical trials if they have a family history of cancer. Another highly motivating factor of participation is to help future generations of women with breast cancer. The overall purpose of clinical trials is increasing medical knowledge of breast cancer conditions.

Sometimes standard therapy prevents women from successfully recovering and remaining in remission. In comparison to standard management of breast cancer, clinical trials match women to targeted therapy. Clinical studies may help people who have had negative or allergic reactions to radiation, hormone, chemotherapy or a combination of therapies. Research studies help the medical community assess different ways they can prevent, diagnose, monitor and treat different forms of breast cancer.

In addition, healthcare providers can give women contacts of coordinators and nurses involved in breast cancer clinical trials. An additional and supportive point of contact are patient advocacy groups who guide women through the enrollment process helping them understand the technical terms and responsibilities of participating in a trial. 

With federal help, pharmaceutical companies are currently working to eventually be able to directly register people in study specific trials. Lists of breast cancer research studies can also be found on or

Joining a clinical trial is completely personal and voluntary. For reassurance, the American Cancer Society reports that about 1,000 possible breast cancer medicines are measured for quality and performance before just one type of new medicine is sent to be studied in a clinical trial setting. And for at least six years or longer, science professionals study a specific and new type of breast cancer treatment before receiving consent to bring the therapy to clinical trial.   


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