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Migraine Prevention - Natural Tips

Posted on Jan 17, 2018 6:05:38 PM by healtheo360

A migraine headache typically includes a throbbing, pounding head, sinus issues, nausea and light sensitivity. This type of headache is often treated with pain killers, preventive drugs and antinausea medications.

Since these headaches can be so difficult to manage, and it takes many variables to find the right balance for a sufferer, it can be beneficial to search for the root cause. This can be done through daily journaling.

Before journaling, one should be aware of potential migraine triggers. One issue is that there are countless triggers and no one size fits all treatment solution for a sufferer.

One common trigger amongst sufferers is a change in weather. In fact, a recent survey by the National Headache Foundation revealed that 75% of migraine sufferers site weather as a trigger.

There are an overwhelming amount of potential triggers though, and many of them are included in the below infographic.

Once a sufferer is aware of potential triggers, they will be ready to keep a daily journal including diet, activities, season, and emotions. It can be both surprising and empowering when a patient sees patterns that appear prior to the onset of a migraine. 

Before starting a journal, see the below infographic including typical triggers and tips to be aware of:





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