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Living With Scoliosis

Posted on Jun 28, 2018, 5:34:29 PM by healtheo360

Over 80% of people with scoliosis have idiopathic scoliosis and the majority are adolescent girls. (1)

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a condition in which the backbone shows a curve of 10 degrees or more. Scoliosis affects daily life in several ways, and two different people may experience different effects. Some symptoms include misalignment, breathing difficulties, and back or muscle pain. While most cases of scoliosis are derived from unknown causes, there are a few instances in which there are known causes. The majority of scoliosis cases are minor, and require minimal treatment to ensure the curve does not worsen over time.

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Living with scoliosis is very different from case-to-case. Typically those who suffer from a curved spine experience reduced flexibility, limited range of motion, back pain, leg pain, muscular weakening and imbalance, breathing issues, emotional effects, and difficulty playing sports. (2)

If you or a loved one is suffering from scoliosis you might notice favoring one side, an uneven neckline, a tilted head that is misaligned with the hips, uneven hips, a protruding shoulder blade, uneven upper back, breathing issues, or muscular pain. (3)

Proper treatment is highly effective in eliminating most, if not all of these symptoms and conditions.

Scoliosis Causes and Treatment

Despite having many unknown causes, some cases of scoliosis have known causes. The four types of scoliosis with known causes are (4):

  • Neuromuscular
  • Degenerative
  • Osteoma
  • Functional

For these four types and the others with unknown causes, there are several treatment options that can reduce or even eliminate the effects of scoliosis. The majority of cases are mild and can be corrected with physical therapy, braces, heel lifts, casting, massages, yoga, herbal treatments, or injections. However, for more severe cases surgery or lung function therapy might be necessary. (5)

Joining a Scoliosis Support Group

The National Scoliosis Foundation sponsors an online forum for scoliosis patients and loved ones to discuss symptoms and conditions with others who are suffering from a curved spine. NSF offers resources for professionals who might have to deal with scoliosis cases on a daily basis such as nurses and teachers. In addition, NSF sends out industry newsletters to keep patients updated on new developments for scoliosis treatment. (6)

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