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Managing Migraines During the Holidays

Posted on Dec 23, 2019 4:37:46 PM by Team healtheo360

The holidays may raise personal and social expectations for people with migraine conditions. The severity of migraine headaches have been said to intensify around the holiday season, while partaking in traditions such as shopping and attending holiday parties or family dinners.

Instead of declining a social invitation, planning ahead may reduce stress and create time for self-care. In regard to shopping, sales and holiday-related gifts often appear in stores around October and November. Another option for gifting is online shopping. Plenty of deals appear online between Black Friday and Cyber Monday which lets the individual stay within the comfort of their home.

As for cooking, each guest can be assigned a different dish – certain meals may also be prepared ahead of time then stored in the freezer until the day of celebration. Allocating a dish to each guest lightens the host’s workload and the individual with migraine headaches can comfortably eat the dish they brought. The person with migraines may also benefit from eating a meal of their choice before arriving to avoid any food sensitivity. If alcoholic beverages are being served stay hydrated or ask for a non-alcoholic mixed drink.

Explaining the migraine experience to certain relatives or friends may be difficult or become repetitive. However, the holidays are also a time for personal development and self-growth. Since migraine symptoms may develop hours or even days before the headache appears, personally assess the mental and behavioral impact of completing tasks and socializing during the holidays. 

Both heating and cooling pads or compresses may alleviate pain. Planning ahead means that holiday gifts will be wrapped, and food will have been prepped – take the night before an event to exercise with the aim of relieving stress and having a good night’s rest.


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