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Health Benefits of Soccer

Posted by healtheo360 on Jul 9, 2014 4:30:41 PM

Benefits of Soccer and What it does to the Body

Soccer, or football as it is referred to outside of the US, is the worlds most popular sport. The World Cup, which happens every four years and is taking place in Brazil right now, involves 32 teams from all over the globe while the world watches and supports their country. Whether or not you are watching soccer or playing it yourself, you may have noticed how fit the players are. A game of soccer last 90 minutes and during that time players average running 7 miles up and down the field. Soccer is great exercise so here are some of the benefits of soccer.

One of the many benefits of soccer is it improves your cardiovascular fitness. According to the American Sports Medicine Institute, cardiovascular fitness is the efficiency of the heart, lungs and vascular system’s ability to deliver oxygen to the muscles during physical activity. Running requires the use of large muscle groups, like legs, which cause an increase in heart beats and respiration.

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Risk Factors For Heart Disease

Posted by healtheo360 on Jan 18, 2014 5:52:47 PM

The risk factors for heart disease increases with age,but there are other variables to consider. Below are some of the common key risk factors of heart disease.

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Diet-Induced Erectile Dysfunction and Exercise: The Lift You Need

Posted by healtheo360 on Aug 26, 2013 12:10:30 PM

Believe it or not, but erectile dysfunction is a cardiovascular condition.

Erections are all about blood flow. Sexual excitement dilates blood vessels in the penis, causing blood to rush into the region. As the penis begins to engorge with blood it becomes stiff and enlarged, and our partner becomes satisfied. Hopefully. If you consistently find your flag at half-mast, welcome to the mood-killing world of erectile dysfunction.

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