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New study shows diet soda can help with weight loss

Posted by healtheo360 on Sep 30, 2014 10:43:13 AM

New study shows diet soda can help with weigh loss. Diet sodas are supposedly a healthier alternative to soda; sugar-free and artificially sweetened. With more than 20% of Americans drinking diet sodas today, is diet soda really a health risk?

A new study published in the journal, Obesity, claims diet beverages, such as Diet Dr. Pepper, Coke Zero, and Diet Snapple might help people lose more weight than just drinking water, which counters other studies claiming diet soda might cause a person to gain weight.

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Smartphones Bring Hope In Treating Parkinson's Disease

Posted by healtheo360 on Sep 15, 2014 12:03:48 PM

New research shows hope in treating and diagnosing Parkinson’s disease using software and existing smartphone technology. This was presented at  the British Science Festival this year in the UK. The technology uses a smartphone to measure and record symptoms and raises hope for treating and diagnosing Parkinson's disease.

Smartphones Bring Hope in Treating Parkinson's Disease

This Research was presented at the British Science festival by researchers at Aston University, UK. Essentially, the device works as a ‘pocket doctor’ to provide supplemental data that a doctor can use in addition to existing screening methods to make a diagnosis or prescribe medication.

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New Research Shows Promising Treatment for Advanced Melanoma

Posted by healtheo360 on Aug 21, 2014 11:04:09 AM

Frequent exposure to UV rays without sunscreen or tanning beds can increase the risk of skin cancer, which affects 76,100 Americans yearly and continues to rise - about 9,710 people are expected to die from skin cancer this year. Nonetheless, treatment for skin cancer has changed dramatically in recent years.


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