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Type 2 Diabetes Skincare

Posted on Jan 24, 2020 1:46:51 PM by Team healtheo360

Dry skin is common to people living with type two diabetes. Roughly one out of three people living with diabetes experience a skin related health issue.

High blood sugar levels may cause dryness, itchiness, poor circulation and infection. Relief for dry and itching skin can be resolved with a simple skincare routine, other individuals may seek medical treatment based on their particularly concern.

A gentle skincare routine soothes skin irritation. Skincare products containing alcohol, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and retinoids may cause inflammation in people with sensitive skin. Mild shampoos and cleansers may be a safer option because they do not contain intense ingredients, like artificial fragrance. Bathing for a short length of time with lukewarm water can also prevent dry skin.

Moisturizing after cleansing and washing hands keeps skin from becoming dehydrated. However, lotion should be used sparingly on feet and especially between the toes in order to prevent fungal infection. If skin is dry, it can crack allowing bacteria to enter the body and may cause infection. Although antibiotics can treat a case of infection.

Humidifiers are another tool to hydrate skin, they are simple devices that release water vapor (a fine mist) and overall moisture into the air of the room or space it has been placed in.

Diabetes management, blood sugar control is said to be the safest way to avoid health complications. Maintaining normal blood sugar can be supported by eating a healthy diet, exercising and finding the right medications. A diet including complex carbohydrates and protein are sources of energy and will not spike blood sugar.  

If an area of skin becomes visibly different than normal, a dermatologist or health care professional may assess symptoms and plan treatment options.


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