Twitter Optimization for Targeted Messaging to a Patient Audience

Posted by Team healtheo360 on Sep 27, 2017 11:29:59 AM

The Social Media Platform More Patients Trust:

The healtheo360 platform is a “Caring Community” where patients living with serious illness and chronic disease— such as Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer’s—come together to nd support, encouragement and information. To date, we have over 20 million engaged patients and caregivers in the healtheo360 network. In our recent healtheo360 annual health survey, over 50,000 patients and caregivers told us the top reasons they go on line for health & wellness information—all of which we provide:

Learn about medication and treatment options

Find others like them who share the same condition

Find others who understand what they are experiencing day-to-day

Share their personal story/experience of what they have learned

Find information about clinical trial

Find others who take care of someone with the same condition

Find assistance with maintaining general health and wellness


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Unprecendented Targeted Patient Access Through Twitter @healtheo360

Thanks to our proprietary algorithm, no other company in the healthcare industry has the breadth or depth of our condition-speci c patient databases. At any given time, we can easily reach over a million patients, throughout a multitude of disease categories. Unlike other communications companies, our patients are actively engaged in the management of their disease state. Healtheo360 builds strong relationships with its patients—relationships that are based on trust, promote patient advocacy, inspire patient self-expression, encourage patient engagement, and provide pertinent and timely information on individual disease states. In turn, our patients are actively engaged with our platform and receptive messaging.

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Snapshots of Success in Mental Illness

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Let Us Help You Start a Dialogue, Not a Monologue

  • Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Istagram and Pinterest, are great at listening to a Patient or Caregiver "Monologue" to better understand what is important to them at a single given point in time.
  • At healtheo360 we take a different approach. We work hand-in-hand with, and leverage, these platforms to create a social database of Patient/Caregivers that we drive to healtheo360 (or other destinations) where we can engage them in a "Dialogue" to:
    • Gain actionable insights
    • Build brand/disease advocates
    • Captures patients/caregivers at the point of diagnosis and retain through all stages of disease


Twitter Campaign: Epilepsy Case Study 

Communication Challenge--Build Disease Awareness: 

  • An estimated 3 million people in the US have epilepsy. Each year, more than 1 out of 1,000 people with epilepsy die from SUDEP (Sudden Death in Epilepsy)

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@healtheo360 Twitter Tactic Employed:

  • The Mental Health Foundation utilized healtheo360's Patient Relationship Management platform to push out messaging around SUDEP awareness via the @healtheo360 twitter channel to increase disease awareness and engagement of the hashtag campaign #IAMSUDEPAWARE, which linked back to ""
  • Campaign reached 100% of goal engagement 
  • 506,414 patients and caregivers in US were reached
  • Metrics were measured via click-throughs (actual message receipts may be higher)

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